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I did not receive my download I paid for from


First check your spam/bulk folder for the automatic email containing your download information that the system will have sent to you following your successful purchase.

If it is not there, submit a support ticket here and paste a copy of your payment processor receipt into the body of the ticket.

To help avoid this in the future, whitelist (add to your address book) our email address:

"Admin (at) 1CheckOutCart (dot) com

To ensure that you receive your download link - DO NOT use an email address by Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, LIVE, ATT, Roadrunner, Comcast, Cox, Bellsouth, SBCGlobal, BTInternet,, or AOL.

9 times out of ten, when a customer does not get automatically re-directed following payment and/or does not receive the automatic email from containing the download information, they used one of the above mentioned crappy ESPs (Email Service Providers) when they placed their order. Those ESPs have a habit of deciding for you, what emails you should receive, whether you like it or not. If you use one of those ESPs (and pay for the service) and they are blocking your email from us, you should call them and ask them "why the hell are you paying them to deliver your email when they are NOT DELIVERING YOUR EMAIL!"

- If you must use a free email provider, use
(you may still have to check your spam folder if you fail to whitelist our email address)

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