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My anti-virus program gives me a warning of suspicious activity/possible threat


Chances are, you're using either a Norton Utilities or Malwarebytes anti-virus program on your PC.. those two products often pop a false positive with perfectly safe software.

Most of our software contains the built-in functionality to "call-home" to verify the software registration - even when that feature isn't "turned on" the coding exists and your anti-virus program may be set to be suspicious of any new executable program it doesn't recognise, that contains code for connecting to the internet.

Your anti-virus program is not smart enough to recognise what is not a real threat and what is an actual threat. It can only check for certain characteristics that are common in malicious programs. That's how it works.

First make sure that your anti-virus program is set to simply "warn" you of possible threats (rather than let it take action automatically).. so YOU can decide when you trust the source of software you install.. and not let your anti-virus software "guess" what should be trusted and take action without your approval.

Then when it pops the warning, you can add the software to the "exceptions" list (allowed programs/whitelist).

If your anti-virus program is not sophisticated enough to allow exceptions.. you need a better anti-virus program.

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